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Reports & Data Management

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NTT's laboratory reports represent the new standard in the insulating fluids testing industry. Our reports offer numerous advantages over our competitors. Included in our DGAPLUS™ program are our DGA reports with various interpretation methods based upon your lab results. Diagnostic messages and recommendations are printed directly on your reports which enables you to construct a more educated picture of your results. Armed with this level of information, you can make better informed decisions.

Start historical tracking of your test data simply by provide us with a unique equipment serial number. If you have previous foreign lab data, provide our old reports or supply a data file. You'll be quickly added to our databases. You're guaranteed to never lose track of your historical data regardless of which lab you are using. Make the task of tracking your test data worlds easier by letting NTT data warehouse your name plate, DGA, and oil quality data.

For your convenience, results can be telephoned, faxed or mailed, or made available to you through e-mail in any file format which you specify.

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