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Frequently Asked Questions

What carrier gases will be used?
Prepurified Argon which is typically 99.998% and zero grade Hydrogen which is also 99.998% pure.

About how many kilos or lbs of mercury is needed in the degassing set-up? Is there a purity of quality level of mercury that we should use?
The degassing rack requires approximately 1.5 liters or 20.4 Kg (45 lbs.) of mercury. The purity is not a factor but relatively clean mercury is desirable.

Are there any additional fittings that we should know about for the transfer of the oil contents from the sampling syringe or cylinder to the degassing set-up?
Tygon tubing with a tubing size adapter is included to connect a syringe or cylinder to the degassing rack.

For a normal 8-hour per day operation of the DGA equipment, how long will a tank of 1800 psi carrier gas last?
The tanks should last approximately 5 to 6 months depending upon initial pressure and usage.

Approximately how long is the analysis time from oil sample introduction in the degassing unit to results output from the GC?
From sample introduction to chromatograph print-out is typically less than 20 minutes.

How about equipment warm-up from a cold start, how long does it take?
You should give at least 30 minutes to completely warm-up equipment from cold start.

Aside from the carrier gases, what other consumables should we be aware of?
You will have the normal laboratory consumables such as kim wipes and vacuum grease.

How about the columns? How often is column change out expected?
Regarding the columns, they typically have very long lives providing proper usage and maintenance. You might expect to change out the columns every 2 years.

What about calibration gas standards? Are these included in the system price?
Standard gases are included since this is a custom mixture specific to this analysis.

Does the degassing rack require a periodic maintenance or calibration?
The degassing rack will require a change of pressure/vacuum tubing as well as the high vacuum stopcock seals. The interval for this type of maintenance is dependent upon rack usage but should not exceed 2 years. Re-calibration is not necessary unless there is a change in rack volume due to a breakage.

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