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Complete system conforming to ASTM D3612-A


NTT's DGA Expert Systems are Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) packages fully conforming to ASTM D3612 Method A, Vacuum Extraction. These are complete systems designed for electrical utilities, service maintenance companies, testing facilities, or electric co-ops.

DGA Expert Systems are designed to extract and measure gases dissolved in electrical insulating fluids and to identify and determine the individual component gases extracted. Once analyzed custom software performs diagnostics and suggests industry accepted guidelines and recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Fully Conforms to ASTM D 3612
"Standard Test Method for Analysis of Gases Dissolved
in Electrical Insulating Oil by Gas Chromatography"
Samples are vacuum extracted to separate the gases from the oil.
Evolved gases are compressed to atmospheric pressure and the total volume measured.
The gases are then analyzed by gas chromatography.
Diagnostic software reports conditions and suggests recommendations.

Gas Chromatography Instrumentation
Gas Extraction and Measurement Glass Rack
Analysis Software
Technical Support

Diagnostic and Recommendation Analysis
Adaptable to networking environments
Software Upgrades Available

Training is available at the NTT facility in Sacramento, California (15 minutes from Sacramento International Airport). Training is booked in advance, in 4-hour increments. 8 hours is typically sufficient for operators with prior laboratory experience.

Why the DGA Expert Systems from NTT?
NTT is the only independent laboratory in the industry offering a complete system devoted to dissolved gas analysis. We have the experience and expertise required to design and assemble the instrumentation and systems solely devoted to this task. Others may have similar offerings, but our systems are the only ones on the market offering the complete package - from start to finish.

Our DGA Expert Systems are designed by technicians and scientists with thousands of samples and hundreds of hours of analysis behind them. These systems are field and industry-proven backed by one of the most experienced laboratories in the world.

For full information on our DGA Expert Systems, email or contact a representative.

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