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Education Accessible
Education Accessible

We welcome inquiries from qualified instructors in chemical or power engineering courses for the free-educational version of this software.

DGA Expert Systems Software
version 3.0

The most important aspect of fault gas analysis is taking the ppm data that has been generated and correctly diagnosing the fault that is generating these detected gases.

DGA Expert Systems software consists of a flexible and user friendly EXCEL file. The software can be used as a stand alone module to generate Dissolved Gas Analysis interpretative reports or used in conjuction with chromatography software via external data import.

Diagnostic reports generated utilizing DGA Expert Systems software include industry accepted methods and standards. Three interpretative methods are utilized :
Key Gas Method
Useful if no measured previous dissolved gas history is available. The data is compared to the majority of transformers. Users can establish custom flag limits on our reporting software.
Rogers Ratio
The advantages to any ratio method are that they are quantitative and independent of transformer oil volume. However, ratio methods can produce incorrect interpretations or none at all. Therefore they should be used in conjunction with other diagnostic methods such as the Key Gas Method. Additionally minimum levels of gases must be present before results of the ratio methods become significant.
IEEE/ANSI C57.104 Guideline
The guideline interprets the results in terms of transformer serviceability. The guidelines provide a testing schedule, recommends subsequent physical inspection or action, and protocols based on the fault gas generation rate.
Full documentation is provided. This includes complete instructions on filling in fields in order to produce reports, brief but complete discussion of each interpretative method, and additional instructions on integration with existing database systems.
Full technical support is provided for each purchased copy of the software. Contact us via email for routine technical questions.

DGA Expert Systems Software version 3.0
$450.00 / copy

Program (xls format), manual, and a sample report will be emailed to you after payment notification.

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