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NTT is a fully independent laboratory dedicated to the electrical power industry providing nationwide and international dissolved gas and oil quality testing. NTT provides analysis and diagnostics of insulating fluids on all types of electrical equipment. Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA), Oil Quality Assessment, PCB content, Metals-in-oil, Furanoid analysis, and oxidation inhibitor content are among the many analysis performed by NTT.

Our Technical Support and Laboratory Production Staff have academic degrees that range from Bachelor of Science to Ph.D., and cover technical disciplines from Chemistry to Engineering. Together, our Technical staff has over 50 years combined analytical and oil testing experience.

Since the laboratory opened in 1994, NTT has set a new standard in oil quality (PCE) and Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) testing. We operate a totally independent lab to ensure that your results are accurate and unbiased.

We were first with an exclusive DGA Plus program that gives you more tests and more analysis of results for less money. Our reports provide you with more information, trends and data than any other lab. You'll enjoy an unparalleled ability to conduct predictive and preventative transformer maintenance. Our innovations continue with systematic research and development efforts that discover new ways to improve sampling, methodology and our services.

NTT is ready to analyze your samples 24 hours a day. Have an after-hours emergency? Simply call our toll-free 800 number, leave a message or call the designated aferhours cell number.

Contact us if you have requests for further information not contained within this web site.

Do you have a large maintenance testing project coming up? Ask about our flexible pricing arrangements and discounts. NTT offers competitive and flexible pricing schedules designed to accommodate the needs of many different customers.

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